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We have coupled highly trained clinicians with state of the art technology – to transform healthcare as we know it.  Using our app you are able to connect with a specialist in seconds, from the palm of your hand.

We only partner with Physical Therapists that have achieved Certification in Mechanical Assessment.  With this higher level of education, each of our therapists has the best training available to start you on the path to reducing pain and increasing mobility.

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Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) are the aches and pains that we feel every day – from strained muscles to sprained ankles. Traditionally, if we wanted relief we would have to search the internet for the latest fad or wait weeks for an appointment with a physician (family to orthopedic)….before finally getting to an MSD specialist.

Physical therapists (PTs) are highly-educated, licensed health care professionals specialized in the treatment of MSDs.They help patients reduce pain and improve or restore mobility – in many cases without expensive surgery and often reducing the need for long-term use of prescription medications and their side effects.

Research has shown that those suffering from low back pain who first saw a physical therapist (MSD Specialist) versus another provider:

  • Lowered probability of going to the emergency room
  • Cut overall costs of care
  • Reduced imaging rates
  • Minimized opioid prescriptions

But the average wait before seeing an MSD Specialist is 64 days and only 25% of individuals with discomfort, actually see a physical therapist.

The VPT Solution

Access to specialty care is now a click away. Through our downloadable app, you are now able to connect with a specialist immediately, no matter where you are located. Our app is HIPPA compliant and security encrypted, keeping your personal information secure.

Within the field of Physical Therapy, there is higher training known as Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment (MDT). We only partner with clinicians that have received a specialty Certification or Diploma in MDT. Research has shown that this treatment approach has the best outcomes in the shortest amount of time and the mechanical assessment is more accurate than an MRI in detecting symptomatic discs.

Our goal is to connect those with pain and discomfort to the best specialist in the country – instantaneously and at their convenience. We want to eliminate the unnecessary steps that have been taken in the past. Instead, when you suffer from musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction, you should first be seen by a healthcare professional that specializes in such treatments!

We Value

  • Delivering the highest level of care for Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs)
  • Performing at the convenience of the patient
  • Eliminating pain and loss of function in the shortest amount of time
  • Reducing the patient’s time and overall costs
  • Minimizing the need for surgery and opiate use

The McKenzie Method®