Relief from Neck Pain & Headaches

“I had neck pain, spasms and headaches from a car accident 20 years ago.  My VPT physical therapist evaluated and found that I had tightness as well as my poor posture at my work station were causing my chronic symptoms.  They showed me how to get relief from my headaches, helped to change my work station to be ergonomically correct and gave me a home stretching program.  I am finally pain free after having pain most of my life!”  – Robert C. NY, NY

Proper Treatment MUST Start with a Precise Diagnosis.

VPT’s corner stone is our advanced evaluation. Rather than relying on a general diagnosis, every patient receives a Mechanical Assessment to uncover the root cause of symptoms. All our physical therapists are Certified in Mechanical Diagnosis to assure that every patient receives the highest level of care.

Causes of Neck Pain & Headaches:

1. Herniated or Bulging disc

2. Arthritis 

3. Joint dysfunction – tight tissue 

4. Inflammatory 

5. Fracture 

6. Other: non-mechanical

What to Expect on your Initial Virtual Visit for Neck Pain & Headaches.

Neck pain and spasms are one of the most common musculoskeletal ailments.  Often these symptoms are also associated with a headache that we usually blame on stress. These cervicogenic headaches are the most common type of headache and often misdiagnosed as migraines.  Once the cause of the symptoms is uncovered, then proper treatment can easily relieve these symptoms no matter how chronic or even severe.  Our clinician start by reviewing your past medical history and then ask questions about your symptoms, including what aggravates and relieves your pain and pain, spasms and/or headache.  A mechanical assessment will be performed and this includes assessing your baseline range of motion and quality of movement of your neck along with any pain and limitations.  Next your clinician will perform repeated movements and analyze any affect that these moments have on your baseline symptoms.  This thorough assessment will reveal the underlying cause of your pain, spasms and headache.

After your clinician completes this in depth evaluation, they will educate you on how you can treat yourself, what will aggravate your pain/spasms and what will trigger your headache as well as what movements/positions will relieve your symptoms.  They will also provide you with an individualized exercise program.

If you’re suffering from neck pain and/or headaches, be sure to contact us to learn how we can help you. Our physical therapists are experienced and knowledgeable. Our goal is to eliminate your back pain and get you on the path to recovery so that you can resume your regular daily activities.  Contact Us