Relief from Hip Pain

“Hip pain limited everything I did.  I could barely walk to get my groceries and even had difficulty putting on my pants.  I am so grateful to my VPT clinician who evaluated my hip and determined that I had a limited mobility.  She gave me exercises and now I am moving agin without pain!”  – Sarah  T. Winston/Salem NC

Proper Treatment MUST Start with a Precise Diagnosis.

VPT’s corner stone is our advanced evaluation. Rather than relying on a general diagnosis, every patient receives a Mechanical Assessment to uncover the root cause of symptoms. All our physical therapists are Certified in Mechanical Diagnosis to assure that every patient receives the highest level of care.

Causes of Hip Pain:

1. Arthritis 

2. Cartilage tear 

3. Referred from the low back

4. Tendonitis

5. Inflammatory 

6. Fracture 

7. Avascular Necrosis

8. Other: non-mechanical

What to Expect on your Initial Virtual Visit for Hip Pain.

Your hip is one of the largest joints in the body and can withstand a lot of force, such as from running and jumping.  This joint is also prone to arthritis either secondary to trauma, poor blood supply or ailment issues.  The hip can refer pain into your groin, buttock and even the inside of your knee.  But the low back commonly refers pain to the hip region.  The first objective is to rule-out the low back as the primary source of pain at the hip.  Once the true cause of the hip symptoms is uncovered, then proper treatment can be given.  Our clinicians start by reviewing your past medical history and then ask questions about your symptoms, including what aggravates and relieves your symptoms.  A mechanical assessment will be performed and this includes assessing your baseline range of motion and quality of movement of your hip along with any pain and limitations.  Next your clinician will perform repeated movements and analyze any affect that these moments have on your baseline symptoms.  This thorough assessment will reveal the underlying cause of your pain and tightness in your hip.

After your clinician completes this in depth evaluation, they will educate you on how you can treat yourself, what will aggravate and what movements/positions will relieve your symptoms.  They will also provide you with an individualized exercise program.

If you’re suffering from hip pain, be sure to contact us to learn how we can help you. Our physical therapists are experienced and knowledgeable. Our goal is to eliminate your pain and get you on the path to recovery so that you can resume your regular daily activities.  Contact Us