Why Virtual Care?

Telemedicine has transformed healthcare. As technology advances, healthcare must also evolve to keep up with the demands of our patients. Patients want convenience as well as access to the highest rated specialists.

Telemedicine has also emerged as the key solution to reducing the cost of healthcare.

The Benefits of Virtual Care For Providers

  • Work from anywhere, even when you are away
  • More Flexible Hours
  • Earn extra Income
  • On the cutting edge of healthcare technology
  • Convenience of Care
  • Fewer Missed Appointments
  • Growth for your Practice

Improved Access For Specialized Clinicians

Virtual Care has also opened the door for specialized clinicians by allowing greater access to them. The Cert. MDT / DIP clinician already has the training to assess and treat virtually. Robin McKenzie developed a system 40 years ago that is even more relevant today than ever. The Mechanical Assessment should be the first protocol for assessing and treating musculoskeletal disorders.

Providers: Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Virtual Physical Therapists?

Virtual Physical Therapists is a physical therapy owned and operated medical practice that provides telehealth care. We utilize clinicians that have received Certification/Diploma in Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment or Vestibular Assessment and must also have a Direct Access license.

Can I assess patients in any state?

No, you are only able to practice care in the states in which you are licensed. The law pertains to where the patient is located not the clinician. For example, if you are licensed in the state of Pennsylvania, you are only able to treat patients located in Pennsylvania. You do not have to be located in that state.

Do we need a Physician referral to treat?

Virtual Physical Therapists offers assessment and treatment only in states that allow Direct Access or therapy without a prescription. We follow each states guidelines in regards to allowed treatment time/visits before a physician assessment is required.

How does scheduling work and how many hours are expected?

Virtual Physical Therapists offers multiple ways for you to practice telehealth, from commitment-free options to scheduled shifts. Depending on your availability, you can join as an associate and work on your schedule, or you can work in a part-time to full-time role. A recruiter can talk to you more about the ways you can practice with us.

What type of computer or mobile device do I need in order to practice?

You can practice using a desktop or laptop computer equipped with a web camera and microphone and an internet connection.