Virtual Physical Therapists (VPT) has been treatingresidents of the Keystone State since 2017!PA, the keystoneor the first state is known for holding the colonies and then later the U.S. together.

We have worked with many employers and insurers in PA, including Aramark, Comcast, Wawa, Bimbo Bakeries, Acme, UPS, FedExand many more.

All Virtual Physical Therapists’ clinicians are state-licensed physical therapists and must also have 2 years of additionaleducation and certification in Mechanical Diagnosis & Treatment (Cert. MDT). This advanced training assures that every patient receives the highest standard of care.We Treat All Musculoskeletal Disorders or thesprains and strains that affect your muscle and joints and including overuse injuries and trauma from a herniated disc or even a fall. Direct Access allows our clinicians to evaluate and treat without a physician’s prescription, saving time and money. Our clinicians will provide you with education and an exercise program so you will learn how to treat yourself!

We treat all ages, workers’ compensation, motor vehicle accidents, group health, and self-pay.

How It Works:

3 simple steps:

  1. Create an account
  2. Schedule an appointment: Choose either self-pay or through an employer and a time/day that works for you. (If a clinician is not available
  3. Start your appointment under “My Appointments” and you will be connected to a highly credentialed PT via a live secure video.

Why Choose VPT:

VPT’s mission is to provide excellence in care to every patient consistently. We do this by requiring all our physical therapists to be not only state-licensed but also Certified in Mechanical Diagnosis. This additional training enables our clinicians to uncover the actual cause of pain rather than a general diagnosis based on where your symptoms are located. Research has found that 43% of extremity symptoms originate in the spine. Our assessments start with ruling out the spine and other non-muscular causes, assuring you receive a precise treatment plan for your problem rather than a general exercise program based on symptom location.

The second focus of care is on patient education. VPT clinicians strive to assure you understand the cause of your pain and how you can self-treat and prevent a reoccurrence. Follow-up visits start with a reassessment to ensure that our diagnosis and treatment plan are correct and you are making progress.


“I have had neck pain, on and off for years. I have been going to a chiropractor, but the pain kept coming back. Two weeks ago I was unable to turn my head to the right, and had difficulty driving.  A friend told me about the McKenzie assessment and after only two virtual visits my symptoms are completely gone, and now I know how to prevent it from coming back again!” – Joan M. (Receptionist)

“I had back surgery 5 years ago.  The symptoms in my left leg came back after doing some yard work, and I could barely walk.  The virtual visit was great, since I did not have to leave my house. It only took a single visit, and the pain in my leg was 90% better”. –  Jim R. (Contractor)

“My knee was swollen and I could not walk. My doctor recommended surgery but my kids wanted me to try therapy first. After 3 weeks I am able to walk down steps again without any pain. I can’t believe the relief that I feel without invasive surgery! I never knew that this level of pain relief was possible without surgery! What a tremendous and innovative service that Virtual Physical Therapy provides! – Cecil S. (78 y.o)

“I am a long distance runner and have had plantar fasciitis for 10 months. I waisted so much time going from one doctor to another to get relief and even had injections.  I was so impressed with my first virtual visit and now I am able to get up in the morning without pain.” – Megan C. (38 yo)

As an avid daily weight lifter, I developed a serious pain in my right elbow that worsened when I did bicep curls. I had to stop the exercise altogether. The exercise that I was given instantly give me relief!  – Mike H (Weight Lifter)

After about a long 3 months of hopelessness for back issues that every physician said I needed surgery for, I stumbled across the VPT site and found Aideen. I signed up for an appointment, not knowing what to expect. I was hesitant to follow her instructions because I was afraid my back was going to worsen. Though, throughout my time with her, I felt that I can trust her and she made it very comfortable for me because she explained the need for everything she was asking me to do. By the end of my appointment with her, I felt better than I did throughout my 3 months of agonizing pain. Every physician I saw for help did not give me substantial medical advice to improve my condition. I saw Aideen multiple times after and she got me back into a condition where my pain was manageable with the exercises she taught me to do, keeping in mind that I was unable to even walk a short distance and couldn’t sleep from back pain. I really believe that she is God-sent. I am forever grateful and thankful to her and so happy I am able to have come across someone so wonderful and knowledgeable in her field. I will continue to rave about her to all and everyone who is looking for back pain relief. Working with Aideen was the best decision I could have made in my road to recovery from my back pain.-Katya K.

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