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Expert Care – When Your Team Members Need It.

1 in every 2 of your employees is suffering from a musculoskeletal disorder, causing them pain, anxiety, and reduced productivity.  Early access to care is critical for the best outcome…even better is instant access to a top-level clinician. Our current system is broken. When you are in pain, you have to wait days to weeks for an appointment only to receive a prescription. Instead, the first line of care should be with an MSK specialist to evaluate and determine the root cause of the problem. Education and a self-treatment plan should follow.

Your team no longer has to wait in pain for a doctor’s appointment or search the internet for a diagnosis. Instead, they can schedule an appointment with a specialist as soon as their symptoms start.

All of our therapists are Certified in Mechanical Diagnosis to ensure that every patient receives the highest level of care.

                                                                                   * Any symptoms found to be nonmechanical are immediately referred to a physician.

The Benefits of Virtual MSK Care For Employers

Healthcare costs and premiums continue to escalate. But the only ones suffering are the ones paying the bill – employers and employees. Everyone in healthcare from providers to insurers and those in the middle benefit from increased healthcare spending. The highest healthcare cost is musculoskeletal disorders (MSDS) and research has found that 50% of MSDS treatments are unnecessary and ineffective. Enter Virtual Physical Therapists.  Our goal is to disrupt the way MSDS are treated by enabling instant access to an MSDS specialist with a focus on patient active involvement, not passive care. Self-insured employers who have partnered with us have seen significant cost savings for musculoskeletal care, including reduced physician appointments, MRIs, and surgeries.

VPT Outcomes

How VPT Stands Above

We do NOT use “coaches” – all of our clinicians are state-licensed in physical therapy and hold a Certification in Mechanical Diagnosis. This additional certification improves the clinician’s ability to perform an in-depth evaluation and precise mechanical diagnosis. All of our visits are one-on-one with a licensed PT.

Whether at home, work, day, night, or weekend  – our clinicians are there to help! All that is needed is a smart device and internet connection.

Direct Access allows qualified physical therapists to evaluate and treat without a physician’s prescription. All VPT’s clinicians are Certified in Mechanical Diagnosis. This additional certification assures that our clinicians can decipher any symptoms that are NOT mechanical in nature and immediately refer that patient back to their physician. Physical therapists are highly trained in assessing and treating musculoskeletal disorders. They must also be able to recognize symptoms outside of their scope of care. That is why VPT requires all of our clinicians receive additional certification.

Each state has specific rules and regulations in regards to allowed treatment time/visits before a physician assessment is required. VPT complies with all state laws and regulations.

Receiving conservative care early (physical therapy) has been shown to reduce the need for prescriptions, unnecessary radiographic testing, surgeries, and chronic conditions. Passive care, including medications, massage, and surgery are linked to poorer outcomes. Actively involving the patient in their own care leads to the best outcome.

VPT’s treatment focus is on empowering our patients, so they understand their injury, what aggravates, and what relieves their symptoms. This puts the patient in control of their symptoms and rehabilitation. It also reduces chronicity because of eliminating fear. Fear is the oxygen to the chronic pain cycle and without it, chronicity can not survive. Each patient is also provided an individualized, self-treatment home exercise program.

Early conservative care and patient education improve overall outcomes by getting the patient back faster and reducing fear and the need for more care. Uncovering the root cause of symptoms through a mechanical assessment allows targeted treatment and precision care.

VPT’s virtual care eliminates the need to wait or travel to appointments, saving precious time! Our clinicians are available before, during, and after work hours.

When your employee is in pain, they no longer need to suffer. They can schedule an appointment and learn the cause of their symptoms, what aggravates and relieves and how to self-treat! Now they can get back to work, improving their productivity with less pain and improved well-being.

Understanding the cause of your symptoms and how you can control them, reduces fear and installs confidence. Your team no longer has to worry about when their back will go out or if they will reinjure themselves. Fear is eliminated and if new questions arise, your team members can reach out to their clinician via email or a live visit. Employee well-being is enhanced when they know they have a PT to answer any questions they have about their musculoskeletal injury.

Reduced medications, treatments, and healthcare visits lead to tremendous cost savings for your team. VPT cost per visit is also 25% -50% less than traditional care and our average visits per case under group health is only 3.4. (Traditional PT averages 14 visits per case.)

High-value care leads to a reduction in healthcare utilization and surgeries. Direct access to a physical therapist as soon as musculoskeletal symptoms start, allows early care and reduces the need for medication and radiographs. Our self-insured employers push our service, offering it free to their team members, because our outcomes have reduced their overall cost of musculoskeletal care, thus reducing their premiums.

We believe in the value of our care and our outcomes. We do not lock our customers into contracts. Instead, if you are not completely satisfied with our service, you do not have to use us. Our only fees are for physical and occupational therapy appointments. We do not require monthly per employee/ per month payments. We strive to provide care and service that goes well beyond your expectations.

All of our clinicians have additional training (Certification in MDT) to evaluate musculoskeletal pain remotely. Because of their advanced training, patient sensors are not necessary. Our platform is also web-based, so patients only need a smart device with a working camera, microphone, and internet access. Patients do not need additional hardware and that means no additional costs!

How VPT Works

Login with Smart Device

Use our web portal link or download our app (iPhone or Android)).  It only takes a few simple steps to set up a secure patient account.

Choose Best Clinician

Choose a clinician based on experience, ratings, and specialties right from your smartphone.  Pick a time that works best for you, and set up your appointment.

Get Your Consultation

Our app allows you to consult with your specialist using a secure, high-quality live-video right from your smartphone, anywhere you want to be!

We Treat All Musculoskeletal Disorders

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSK) are the everyday aches and pains that affect your muscle and joints and are usually the result of a mechanical disorder. Other conditions can also refer symptoms to your joints (including cancer and internal organs). Because our PTs are specialty trained to assess and treat mechanical disorders, they are able to determine if symptoms are “non-mechanical”, meaning the symptoms are referred from a non-musculoskeletal problem. Mechanical problems in your muscles and joints are affected by movement. If your symptoms are not affected by movement, our PTs will immediately refer the patient to their physician for further testing.


“I have had neck pain, on and off for years. I have been going to a chiropractor, but the pain kept coming back. Two weeks ago I was unable to turn my head to the right, and had difficulty driving.  A friend told me about the McKenzie assessment and after only two virtual visits my symptoms are completely gone, and now I know how to prevent it from coming back again!” – Joan M. (Receptionist)

“I had back surgery 5 years ago.  The symptoms in my left leg came back after doing some yard work, and I could barely walk.  The virtual visit was great, since I did not have to leave my house. It only took a single visit, and the pain in my leg was 90% better”. –  Jim R. (Contractor)

“My knee was swollen and I could not walk. My doctor recommended surgery but my kids wanted me to try therapy first. After 3 weeks I am able to walk down steps again without any pain. I can’t believe the relief that I feel without invasive surgery! I never knew that this level of pain relief was possible without surgery! What a tremendous and innovative service that Virtual Physical Therapy provides! – Cecil S. (78 y.o)

“I am a long distance runner and have had plantar fasciitis for 10 months. I waisted so much time going from one doctor to another to get relief and even had injections.  I was so impressed with my first virtual visit and now I am able to get up in the morning without pain.” – Megan C. (38 yo)

As an avid daily weight lifter, I developed a serious pain in my right elbow that worsened when I did bicep curls. I had to stop the exercise altogether. The exercise that I was given instantly give me relief!  – Mike H (Weight Lifter)

After about a long 3 months of hopelessness for back issues that every physician said I needed surgery for, I stumbled across the VPT site and found Aideen. I signed up for an appointment, not knowing what to expect. I was hesitant to follow her instructions because I was afraid my back was going to worsen. Though, throughout my time with her, I felt that I can trust her and she made it very comfortable for me because she explained the need for everything she was asking me to do. By the end of my appointment with her, I felt better than I did throughout my 3 months of agonizing pain. Every physician I saw for help did not give me substantial medical advice to improve my condition. I saw Aideen multiple times after and she got me back into a condition where my pain was manageable with the exercises she taught me to do, keeping in mind that I was unable to even walk a short distance and couldn’t sleep from back pain. I really believe that she is God-sent. I am forever grateful and thankful to her and so happy I am able to have come across someone so wonderful and knowledgeable in her field. I will continue to rave about her to all and everyone who is looking for back pain relief. Working with Aideen was the best decision I could have made in my road to recovery from my back pain.-Katya K.