We are a team of highly trained physical therapists, certified to diagnose and treat visually. Using our app, you can connect to our network of specialists, book an appointment and receive diagnosis and treatment using secure video chat. What could be easier?

Save time, save money and feel better faster. This is Virtual Physical Therapy.

How Does Virtual Physical Therapy Work?

Download our app and fill out some basic information.  Once you’ve completed the signup process, simply schedule an appointment with the therapist of your choice in our nationwide network. Our physical therapists are trained in a specific method of treatment called MDT (learn more), which allows them evaluate your problem by assessing your movement.

Book an Appointment

Download the app and setup a secure patient account.  You’ll be asked to fill out a form describing your pain, along with some basic patient information.  Once you’re set up, you can search for a physical therapist based on rating and specialties, then book an appointment that fits your schedule.

Get an Assessment

On the day of your appointment, log onto our app and tap on ‘My Appointments’ to join your video session.  Your physical therapist will ask questions related to your pain and analyze your mobility by performing a mechanical assessment.  They’ll form a diagnosis and clearly explain your treatment plan.

Start Recovering

Your Physical therapist will provide you with exercises and strategies for your recovery. You’ll learn what aggravates and relieves your symptoms and you will be given specific program tailored for your condition. You will also be given a video exercise reference and ability to follow-up as need with your specialist.

Ready to Get Started?

How Do We Treat?

All of our Physical Therapists are specially trained and certified in the McKenzie Method® of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy® (MDT).  This higher level of training enables the clinician to assess for the mechanical cause of your pain and/or dysfunction by observing the mechanics of your joints and muscles.  By asking you to repeat movements and describe your pain, MDT clinicians are able to diagnose your condition by the way your muscles, bones and ligaments respond to the movement.

After the diagnosis, your therapist will create a treatment plan specifically for you.  You plan will include exercises, and suggestions such as posture adjustments and a short-term modification of activities.

Your therapist will work with you to make sure you’re doing the exercises and modifications correctly and once you have the hang of it, you’ll be able to work on your recovery at your own pace and schedule follow up appointments as you need them.

What People are Saying

“I have had neck pain, on and off for years. I have been going to a chiropractor, but the pain kept coming back. Two weeks ago I was unable to turn my head to the right, and had difficulty driving.  A friend told me about the McKenzie assessment and after only two virtual visits my symptoms are completely gone, and now I know how to prevent it from coming back again!” – Joan M. (Receptionist)

“I had back surgery 5 years ago.  The symptoms in my left leg came back after doing some yard work, and I could barely walk.  The virtual visit was great, since I did not have to leave my house. It only took a single visit, and the pain in my leg was 90% better”. –  Jim R. (Contractor)

“My knee was swollen and I could not walk. My doctor recommended surgery but my kids wanted me to try therapy first. After 3 weeks I am able to walk down steps again without any pain. I can’t believe the relief that I feel without invasive surgery! I never knew that this level of pain relief was possible without surgery! What a tremendous and innovative service that Virtual Physical Therapy provides! – Cecil S. (78 y.o)

“I am a long distance runner and have had plantar fasciitis for 10 months. I waisted so much time going from one doctor to another to get relief and even had injections.  I was so impressed with my first virtual visit and now I am able to get up in the morning without pain.” – Megan C. (38 yo)

As an avid daily weight lifter, I developed a serious pain in my right elbow that worsened when I did bicep curls. I had to stop the exercise all together. The exercise that I was given instantly give me relief!  – Mike H (Weight Lifter)